You are not paying for every email you receive or send,
but why are you paying for every cent you receive or send?
They make you think that's the only way it works.

But technology is here.


Why do you need Gear?

  • We're no middlemen — money goes from your customer straight into your wallet
  • Depend no more on your payment processor policies
  • Gear has no commission fees, it's FREE of charge
  • Takes literally minutes to set up
  • A payment widget that's a snap to set up, and a sophisticated developer API for advanced users
  • No personal information required, no approvals or KYC/AML
  • The core is opensource!

Benefits for your business

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Gear doesn't hold
or touch your money

Mycelium Gear doesn't require merchants to temporarily entrust us the money customers pay for products or services.

Unlike other bitcoin or credit card payment processors, Mycelium Gear lets your customers send money directly into your wallet controlled by you only. Then it watches the Bitcoin blockchain to detect whether a transaction has been made.

This was made possible because Gear is built on top of an opensource Straight payment processor, which in turn uses BIP32 to generate payment Bitcoin addresses.

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Simple widget &
expert API

Whether you're a small online store running on Wordpress or a big online merchant with a custom built software in the backend, Gear provides you with just the right tools that you need to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

You can start by creating a simple payment widget and installing it to your site following the easy steps in our widget creation Wizard.

If you decide it's time to go big, you can start reading through our API documentation and integrate large scale Bitcoin payment processing into your custom built backend.

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Because Gear doesn't hold or even touch the money, we don't need to know any intrusive information about the merchants.

What Gear provides is a tool to watch the blockchain and detect new transactions at certain addresses. Then interested parties, i.e. merchants, receive a notification from Gear when a payment is made.

Customize your
payment widgets.

  • HTTP callbacks (webhooks) that notify your website when a transaction was made.
  • It will tell you if an order has been overpaid or underpaid (when user sent more money than required or not enough).
  • Automatic currency conversion based on different sources that you can select in the admin-panel.
  • Euro payouts in EU the same day (coming soon)
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